Bhad Bhabie concert canceled over possible pro-Israel post


Boynton Beach native Bhad Bhabie's Middle East concert canceled over a social media post, reports the Sun Sentinel. (MGN)

Social media users in the Middle East urged a boycott that resulted in the cancellation of Boynton Beach native Bhad Bhabie's concert in Jordan, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The rapper, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, responded to a tweet, which was written in Arabic, where she proclaimed her love for McDonald's fries, according to TMZ.

Bregoli was mistaken in her interpretation of the tweet, however.

The message was from a Palestinian long-distance runner named Mohammad Aqadi, The Independent reports. The real translation of the tweet was Aqadi urging followers to stop supporting the rapper because he believed she is pro-Israel.

The idea that Bregoli is pro-Israel started after she posted a photo of herself attending an event for the Creative Community for Peace on Instagram. The photo was posted in October and was captioned "Bhabie supports peace Bich."

On Monday, a social media and event planning group in Jordan posted a statement on Instagram announcing the rapper's concert in Jordan was canceled.

According to TMZ, Bregoli's team said the teenage rapper has not declared which side she supports in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An event in Tel-Aviv is still set for July 9.

Bregoli shot to stardom in a Dr. Phil show in 2016 with the viral "cash me ousside" phrase.

She was recently hospitalized in Fort Lauderdale for stomach issues.