'Smokey and the Bandit' returning to theaters

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Burt Reynold’s “Smokey and the Bandit” is returning to movie theaters across the country according to AMC Theatres.

To honor the late actor, the company announced 240 locations will play the movie starting Wednesday and and it will run through Sept. 20.

Movie goers can watch the Reynolds classic at AMC Indian River 21 and AMC CityPlace 20.

Reynolds died last Thursday at Jupiter Medical Center of cardiac arrest.

In “Smokey and the Bandit,” which was filmed in parts of metro Atlanta and Georgia, Reynolds portrayed Bo “Bandit” Darville, who partners with Cledus Snow (Jerry Reed), to haul 400 cases of bootleg beer from Texas back to Atlanta in 28 hours in order to collect $80,000. The movie also starred Sally Field as a runaway bride picked up by Bandit and a band of others, played by Jackie Gleason, Pat McCormick, Paul Williams and Mike Henry.

Tickets will be $5 each or lower depending on the theater. Tickets should be on sale now.