8 million pounds of trash removed from the ocean by Boca Raton business

4ocean 2.PNG
(Photo Courtesy: 4Ocean)

Local company 4Ocean has officially pulled 8 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

"Every single pound is audited by a system , so when we're having cleanups around the world, they're collecting that trash, bringing it back to our operation base, and then every super sack is weighed and measured out on site," said Tim Binder, 4Ocean's head of marketing.

4Ocean is a company founded in Boca Raton that sells bracelets made of recyclable materials to raise money for ocean cleanup. FAU alumni started the company after noticing litter in the ocean and on the beach while on a surfing trip.

"So they started cleaning up by themselves, and then once they realized how big the problem was, they started working with local fishermen and community members to help them clean the plastic," Binder said.

The company cleans trash locally and abroad.

"We do our best to connect with local communities in order to educate on ways to properly dispose of plastic, and ways to reuse the plastic after it's been collected from the ocean," Binder said.

4Ocean will hire local boat captains and workers to help them with trash removal.

Their bracelets and other apparel made of environmentally friendly materials help fund their cleanups.

"Every time someone purchases one of those products, it helps pull a pound from the ocean," Binder said. "It helps fund the cleanup operations, it helps do research and development into new technologies, it helps with research and development into new products, and of course it helps staff and marketing."