Algae emergency continues, marine surveyor chimes in

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Algae emergency continues, marine surveyor chimes in (WPEC)

A boat out of water, something you see a lot of in Martin County nowadays, because of toxic blue-green algae.

John Hamilton is one of many who's taken his boat out. He's lived in Palm City for 14 years and works as a marine surveyor for Hamilton & Hamilton.

"What I do is like a home inspection only on boats," he said.

Hamilton said this job gets him very close to algae-filled water, so he's learned to take proper precautions. He said he's gotten an infection from the algae in the past and recently one of his mechanics got sick.

"I've seen the fluorescent blue and the smell is awful," he said.

Now, some of Hamilton's business has moved south.

"A lot of people are selling their boats in this area and people down south are buying the boats," he said. "When you’re not using it, you might as well get rid of it."

For Hamilton, it's not just about work; he just wants his home back.

"It's been devastating. It’s really ruined our area," he said. "I moved here because it’s so beautiful with all the water and now we can’t enjoy that water anymore."

Hamilton, like many others in the area, just want the algae gone.

Martin County leaders said they clean up efforts will start next week.

You can track crews as they take algae samples across the state through an interactive map. You can also report algal blooms by calling 855-305-3903 or by going online.