Always on duty: Riviera Beach Officer gives perspective on trooper shooting

riv beach officer 2.jpg
Riviera Beach Officer gives perspective on trooper shooting. (WPEC)

A Riviera Beach Police officer says police are always on-duty when it comes to protecting their community.

On Wednesday, an off-duty Riviera Beach police officer shot and killed a man suspected of shooting a highway patrolman.

"I don't think there is a thing called off-duty. We may not be working on the clock but there's a part of us that stays in service all day," said Officer Brian DeSantis.

Officer DeSantis says police are trained to always be vigilant and to constantly be taking in their surroundings in regards to safety.

"While I'm off duty, while I'm observing what's going on, while I'm being dad or being husband off-duty, that side of me: the police officer is there, it's still running its course," said DeSantis.

Officer DeSantis says it’s common to offer back-up whole off duty or call something suspicious in.

"I have stopped off-duty to back up other officers that might be on traffic stops, I have been involved in DUI investigations off-duty," said DeSantis.

Riviera Beach Public Information Officer AJ Walker says the off-duty officer who shot the suspect is on administrative leave, which is standard protocol when an officer has to use deadly force.

"I am definitely proud of my coworkers who have answered that call off duty and had to do what they had to do and still are with us here today," said DeSantis.