Animal shelter saves Christmas after packages fall from mail truck

Tri-County Animal Rescue picks up packages that fell out the back of a mail truck in Boca Raton. (Tri-County Animal Rescue)

An animal shelter in Boca Raton, known for rescuing animals, has now saved Christmas.

A bunch of packages fell out the back of a U.S. Postal Service truck, right in front of Tri County Animal Rescue.

According to Tri County, some drivers pulled over to put the packages into their cars, but employees rushed over to keep people from taking the packages.

The workers got them all together in one big pile, out of the road and watched over.

A staff member called 9-1-1.

Another staff member called the Post Office to let them know about the dropped packages. The mail carrier who accidentally dropped the packages returned and scooped them all up. He was grateful to Tri County for saving the packages, which were most likely Christmas gifts purchased during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.