Arby's manager accused of attacking employee with knife after argument about overtime

Leterria Akins mug web.PNG
Le'Terria Akins (PBSO)

A store manager is facing felony charges after an employee claims she went after him with a knife.

Deputies say all of this stemmed from an argument when the employee didn't want to stay late at work.

The alleged victim, 28-year-old Ernst Du Jour spoke to CBS12 News in an exclusive interview.

According to the police report, the attack happened at 12:30 a.m. Saturday night at the Arby's in Royal Palm Beach.

“She said, 'Come here b**** I’m going to kill you,'” says Du Jour.

Du Jour says he had finished up his tasks for the evening, but instead was told to stay later.

“ I said it’s not fair,” he said.

Not fair, he says, because he claims his shift manager, 21-year-old Le'Terria Akins, wasn't doing her part.

“She’s more than lazy. Only thing she does is eat and stay on the phone,” he said.

Du Jour says Akins overheard him complaining to another manager.

“Then she came and said, 'What you say b**?' I said, 'Who you calling b**?'” he said.

Then, police say Du Jour and Akins got into a shouting match.

It says Du Jour ran away after Akins sprayed pepper spray in his eyes.

“When I turned, I see her run after me with a knife,” Du Jour said.

Deputies say Akins didn't stab Du Jour with the knife, but she did a number on his car.

Doctors say Akins has a scratched eye, but he says other than that, he's lucky.

Du Jour says he just wants to know what caused his manager to snap.

“I was scared,” he said.

Du Jour says he hasn't heard from Arby’s since the incident.

CBS12 News reached out to the company, but are still waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, Akins is out on bail and charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief.

Her next court appearance is set for April 18.