Argument triggers shooting in Stuart neighborhood

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Argument triggers shooting in Stuart neighborhood. (WPEC){ }{ }

Stuart residents on edge after bullets fly in the middle of their neighborhood. A fight over a parking spot may have been the reason behind the shooting that ended with one man in custody, and another in the hospital. Matt Athan lives in the North River Shores neighborhood with his wife and two kids. It was a normally peaceful Friday afternoon, before the sounds of what’s described as firecrackers went off.

“It was an altercation about a parking situation, from what I hear,” Athan said.

Neighbors tell CBS12 bullet shells scattered the road. One of the bullets pierced a neighbor’s garage door. Investigators said Eduardo Bello, 55, of West Palm Beach, was driving his delivery truck on Sunset Terrace, and tried to pass through the narrow street where a construction crew was working.

A confrontation got heated and ended with gunfire. Deputies said Joseph Marcum, 27, of West Palm Beach, shot Bello.

Marcum was taken into custody.

Rescue crews airlifted Bello to a hospital. He is in critical condition but is expected to pull through.

As for Matt, he still can’t believe something like this would happen right next door.

“It’s a family, friendly, neighborhood, there are five kids that live next to us,” Athan said. They’re on scooters, they’re on golf carts. This is a quiet neighborhood, nothing like this has ever happened.”

Investigators initially thought one of them had a knife, but as of right now, they haven’t recovered it.

They will continue to question witnesses and look for any surveillance videos in hopes to piece together what happened.

Charges have not been filed, but this is an ongoing investigation.

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