Belle Glade boy injured after getting attacked by pit bull

Pit bull attack.PNG
Belle Glade injured after getting attacked by pit bull (WPEC)

A boy was hospitalized Thursday after he was attacked by a pit bull.

It happened moments after he got off the school bus at the mobile home park where he lives.

The attack was caught on surveillance video.

The boy, who neighbors say is 10 years old, was attacked in the road near the entrance of Lake Breeze Mobile Home Park at NW 18th Street and Lake Circle.

The boy was bitten repeatedly in the leg and face.

“It was horrible watching the little boy like that,” neighbor Miriam Mojica said.

Surveillance video from a nearby mobile home shows the pit bull attacking a boy.

The dog lunged at the boy, biting his leg as the frantic boy tries to get away.

Neighbors say the victim is a fifth grader at Belle Glade Elementary.

Video shows him getting off the school bus a little before 3 p.m. when the attack happened.

“The dog went behind him and attacked him from his leg first, that’s when he dropped to the floor, that’s whenever he went to his face, like bit him in his face,” Mojica said.

The victim’s cousin demonstrated how he used a broomstick to hit the dog---using every bit of energy he had---to get the animal off the boy.

“I hit it as hard as I could and that’s when it let go,” he said as he showed CBS12 News how he swung the broomstick like a baseball bat.

The video shows the boy tries to run behind a fence, but the dog follows.

Then, he runs behind a car, but the dog still doesn't give up.

“When I was looking out the window, I saw the pit bull attacking him,” fourth grader Adamaris Medina said.

A girl says she was on the school bus and heard the boy's cries for help.

“I was also crying for him ‘cause he was like yelling help,” Medina said.

One little boy says he threw rocks at the pit bull to try to stop it from attacking the victim.

“I thought it was gonna come after me,” six-year-old Brandon Medina said.

Finally, adults nearby show up and pick the child up and put him in the car. They say the boy is recovering at a hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

When deputies arrived, they say the dog lunged at them, so to protect themselves and others, they shot and killed the pit bull.

Neighbors believe someone dropped the pit bull off in the neighborhood Thursday morning.

They feel the owner no longer wanted the dog, which allowed this tragedy to happen.

A spokesperson with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says the victim will need plastic surgery.