Belle Glade shop named best fried chicken in the state

Best fried chicken in Belle Glade. (WPEC)

South Florida is home to the best southern fried chicken in the state. That's according to one study, bringing the praise to Belle Glade.

For many in the area, the restaurant is basically home. It's been around for 50 years and not much has changed since day one.

Greg Carden manages Dixie's Fried Chicken in Belle Glade. Many of his customers have come by many times.

"How many times? I can't say," said Flossie Dixon. "Over 40 times, I can say that."

Some customers, come from many miles away.

"I came way from Clewiston to Dixie Fried," said Robert Nero. "I've been coming since BC, before Christ."

According to a survey by, Dixie's topped the list for the Best Hole in the Wall Fried Chicken in the state. The recipe, seems simple.

"We use buttermilk, flour, and the seasoning is already mixed into our flour," explained Carden.

Maybe it's the seasoning that keeps the shop so busy, to the point where a phone will ring for days without an answer.

"We get so busy," said Carden. "We can't keep accepting orders in the back and if you keep answering the phone, you're gonna keep following behind."

Maybe the secret lies in its southern roots.

"Most of the people here are from Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi," said Dixon. Carden says his family is from Albany, Ga.

Or maybe people love the use of the same white boxes that have carried out the food since day one. One thing is for sure; they'll keep coming back.

"When they come into town and haven't been here in awhile, that's one of the first places they wanna stop at, Dixie's fried chicken," said Carden. "That's because everything is the same."

The joint did take a small hit during Hurricane Dorian. The manager tells me one of its best plats is the catfish fingers, but they haven't been able to restock on the fish since the storm hit. They're expecting to have it back in the kitchen next week.