Bus in the terrifying I-95 crash had new tires and seemingly passed an inspection

The wheel came off a Palm Tran bus on I-95, causing a crash. (WPEC)

Terrifying moments on I-95 in the middle of rush hour when a Palm Tran bus loses its back wheels, causing the driver to lose control and crash.

Surveillance video tells the story of what happened on bus 1124 Thursday morning. Another camera captured the actual moment the tires came off of the bus, careening into traffic, sending the bus into another vehicle and a barrier wall.

The impact tossed the driver in his seat and is heard calling as the windshield falls on him.

CBS12 has learned Palm Tran’s vendor, Goodyear, replaced four rear tires on the bus on Wednesday. Thursday morning was the first time the bus was back out on the road.

A check of the driver’s pre-trip inspection shows it’s marked “ok”. “There might have been a problem with the lug nuts in that tire, perhaps they weren’t torqued correctly or at all,” Palm Tran Public Information Officer Joe Harrington said.

Records recently obtained by CBS12 show Palm Beach County has a 5-year contract with Goodyear for transit bus tires valued at more than $3.4-million.

Palm Tran says Goodyear has sent a team to investigate. “Ultimately we will make sure our contractor is held accountable if that is indeed where the blame falls and if there are internal processes that failed, we will hold ourselves accountable,” Harrington said.

CBS12 reached out to Goodyear for comment and we are still waiting to hear back. The bus driver is out of the hospital and on medical leave as this investigation continues. Another driver was taken to the hospital as well with minor injuries.