Community says Parkland a safe place to live

Parkland makes safe places to live list. (WPEC)

The Valentine’s Day massacre in Parkland changed many things, but it didn’t change how people feel about the city.

“Since the shooting happened, before the shooting happened and until the end of time Parkland is kind of a utopian city,” said Zach Ruppert.

Ruppert grew up in Parkland and graduated last year from Stoneman Douglas High School.

Despite the tragedy he said he still feels safe in his hometown.

“Parkland is not a dangerous city. It’s not a place where gun violence happens,” he said.

He and his father Jason find it no surprise that Parkland made HomeSnacks list of safest cities in Florida for 2019.

“We had the shooting last year, but I think that’s an anomaly,” said Jason Ruppert.

Parkland was number six on the websites' safest cities list where they looked at data from the FBI’s 2017 crime report.

Jason Ruppert said Parkland should always make the list of safest cities to live in Florida.

“I think that this list is not only indicative of the real Parkland but it’s a shame to have a black stain on our community because the craziness of one person,” said Jason Ruppert.

Weston was ranked the safest city in Florida for 2019 and Longboat Key came in second, according to HomeSnacks.