County officials want feds to designate Mar-A-Lago a high-risk critical asset

County officials wants feds to designate Mar-a-Lago a high-risk critical asset. (WPEC){ }

President Donald Trump is headed to the Winter White House where he’ll spend this weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office is now sounding the alarm and asking the federal government for more help protecting the President when he’s in Palm Beach County.

“The local governments are asking the Department of Homeland Security to designate something they really need to keep an eye on,” Former CIA Officer Lisa Ruth said.

New documents obtained by our news partners at the Sun Sentinel show county officials want the President’s Winter White House to be recognized as a high-risk critical asset. If approved, that would elevate the risk assessment status of the entire county and possibility bring more funds to the area from Homeland Security. The Sun Sentinel reports the President has proposed budget cuts to that very program.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner told CBS12 he can’t discuss the specifics of the request but says the threat level goes up with the President is here.

“In an effort to make sure that we are made whole and to make sure we can do this in the future, it’s important that we have access to these funds from the federal government,“ Kerner said.

“The vulnerabilities are out there if we don’t get federal assistance, I am concerned that threat level increase even higher than it already is,” Ruth said.

If approved, the funds could also help cover the cost of overtime associated with the President’s visits.

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