Delray Beach couple meets woman whose life they saved

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Delray Beach couple meets woman whose life they saved (WPEC)

A local couple finally met the woman whose life they saved on New Year’s Day at a steakhouse.

When Eileen Slobotkin, Paul Fogarty-Brown and Karlton Brown gathered Thursday, it seemed like they were old friends, but it wasn’t long ago that the three first met under much different circumstances.

Slobotkin was choking on a piece of food while out to dinner. Paul and Karlton were at a table nearby, saw her struggling and jumped into action, administering CPR for more than 10 minutes.

“These gentleman worked so hard on me. They could’ve given up and they just kept going. And they didn’t know me,” Slobotkin said. “They just weren’t allowing themselves to stop, and they had to continue to get me to where I was and they did.”

Slobotkin spent several days in the hospital afterwards, but now she’s doing better than ever.

“They are my angels and they say I am, but they’re my guardian angels and we’ll probably be forever friends as long as we’re here,” she said.

The three now have a message for everyone to get CPR certified.

“More people should be CPR certified, because if these boys weren’t there I was not coming out of it. That’s for sure,” Slobotkin said.

It’s a reminder that you never know what a day will bring, but it can’t hurt to come prepared.

“We have to show up and do the things that we need to do so that we can help each other,” Brown said.

If you’d like to find a CPR certification class near you, click here.