Delray Beach police meets with concerned parents

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Delray Beach Police meets with concerned parents (WPEC)

Two families at war are putting innocent lives in danger.

Officers in Delray Beach met Thursday night with parents who worry their children might get caught in the crossfire.

Officers hope to instill some sense of safety in parents who received a terrifying the call earlier this week.

On Monday students and teachers at S.D. Spady Elementary were on a code red lock down after shots rang out nearby.

Outside the campus, a baby was caught in the middle of the gunfire. The baby suffered minor injuries.

Last month, there was another shooting near the school where bullets struck a classroom window.

Delray Beach police confirmed both cases are connected to a decade long feud between two local families.

A feud the agency said is to blame for at least 50 shootings and multiple homicides.

The agency telling me it understands why parents are concerned. They want to make sure people know knowledge is power, in what may feel like a powerless situation.

“We want to make sure their questions are answered, that they understand our protocol is during a shooting investigation and what the school's protocol is. So we are going to have school officials there as well and we just want to put their minds at ease and help them understand the process,” Dani Moschella, spokesperson for Delray Beach Police Department, said.

Thursday’s meeting is for Spady parents only and it’s taking place at city hall.

Next Thursday ,October 18th, the agency will be holding a community wide forum in Pompey Park at 7 p.m. to talk to people about the violence.