Deputy works to find boy’s stolen bike

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Deputy works to find boy’s stolen bike. (WPEC){ }

“I went outside and it was gone,” said 12-year-old David Harris.

Harris said he was inside the Zora Neal Hurston Library, off Avenue D in Fort Pierce, when his bike was stolen.

He said he goes to the library every day and typically locks his bike.

“I was rushing and I didn’t want to. That was my fault,” said Harris. But he said he learned his lesson, “It won't happen, definitely won't happen because I keep locking it up.”

When his bike was stolen, the librarian called the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Pietro Pizzani was called. He said the young boy was devastated his bike was gone, so he made it his mission to find it.

“I didn't grow up in the best area when I was a kid I had my bike stolen and I took that personally,” said Deputy Pizzani.

He said he first looked at surveillance footage of the incident.

Then Sgt. Keith Pearson got a call from Deputy Pizzani. Sgt. Pearson said, “he called and said hey sarge, would you mind if I went around looking the area for it?”

So Sgt. Pearson sent another deputy to meet him and they drove around the neighborhood looking for the bike but they never found it.

“When the bike turned up not found he took the extra steps to see if we had the resources to get him another bicycle,” said Sgt. Pearson.

Shortly after searching, Deputy Pizzani said the librarian called him and said a boy who walked in the library looked like the one who stole David’s bike. So the deputy talked with the boy and got David’s bike back but David’s grandmother didn’t want to press any charges.

“Give him a chance and hope he learned his lesson to not do this again,” said Geraldine Floyd, David’s grandmother.

While Deputy Pizzani was clearly doing more than just filing a report and moving on, he said he was just doing his job and wants to be a part of the community. He said he wants to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.

“My whole thing is not just being out here and answering calls for service, I also want to help these people that need our help,” said Deputy Pizzani.

On Tuesday, Deputy Pizzani and Sgt. Pearson brought David a new bike lock “so you don't have to carry around a key,” a bike bump “in case your tire goes flat and a helmet with a visor “to protect your face from the sun.” They also engraved David’s name on his bike so just in case it does get stolen again or lost, they can easily identify it.