Ferrari driver arrested for fleeing from Florida deputies

Gabriel Molina_web.jpg
Gabriel Molina is accused of fleeing from deputies in a Ferrari. (MCSO)

Authorities in the Keys arrested a Ferrari driver after he sped away from deputies while going 100 miles per hour.

Gabriel Molina, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, told deputies at the time of his arrest, "The car is a Ferrari, and it goes fast."

Molina, 29, faces charges of fleeing and eluding.

It all began when a deputy clocked him going 75 mph just after 2 a.m. in the Upper Keys. The deputy began to follow Molina with lights and sirens. Molina, according to the sheriff's office, accelerated to 100 mph.

The sheriff's office said Molina turned off the lights on the car before pulling into a gas station. A deputy passed the gas station, saw Molina standing outside the car, and arrested him.

Molina denied fleeing from deputies. However, the passenger in his car told deputies she asked Molina to slow down after seeing their lights and sirens.