Florida lawmaker calls for judge's removal following controversial sentence

Florida lawmaker calls for judge's removal following controversial sentence (WPEC)

A state lawmaker is calling for Judge Kastrenakes’ to be investigated after his controversial decision to jail a young man after missing jury duty.

Judge Kastrenakes sentenced 21 year-old Deandre Somerville to jail time after he overslept and missed jury duty.

But now, State Sen. Bobby Powell says that’s not enough.

“That’s a miscarriage of justice and something needs to happen,” he said.

Sen. Powell calling for the judicial qualifications committee to investigate the judge for misconduct.

His hope is that an investigation would end in Kastrenakes’ removal.

The removal could happen with one of three ways.

First, the Florida House of Representatives could vote to impeach the judge.

The judge would be removed if found guilty by the Florida Senate.

However, thus far that looks unlikely, since Powell is the only lawmaker calling publicly for Kastrenakes’ removal.

Next, the Judicial Qualifications Commission could decide on its own to investigate the judge.

That’s what Powell is formally asking them to do in a letter.

Lastly, a person could make a complaint against the judge, which the Judicial Qualifications Commission would investigate.

However, it appears Somerville has no intentions of doing so.

Based on a CBS12 News Interview where he said, “He [Kastenakes] did what he did. What’s done is done. I can’t get time back."

In the end, the Judicial Qualifications Commission could only recommend judge Kastrenakes’ removal.

The ultimate decision would lie with the state Supreme Court.