Florida woman finds land mine, stores it in cooler in living room

Landmines web 1.jpg
Jayne Wilson found a land mine on the beach, took it home, and stored it in a cooler in her living room. (WPEC)

A Sebastian woman, walking along the shore of Tracking Station Beach in Vero Beach, discovered a land mine.

A casual walk in the sand led Jayne Wilson to the findings of a historic relic, an explosive WWII mine.

“I was thinking it might have been a plate off the Spanish shipwreck,” said Wilson.

But it wasn’t. This week, after having the land mine for nine-months sitting in a cooler submerged in water in her living room, she realized it was an inactive explosive device.

“I called the non-emergency police number and said, 'I am pretty sure I have a land mine,'" she said.

Wilson was then asked to evacuate the house immediately while military bomb experts were on the way to seize the device.