Food pantry feeding hungry students

food pantry.jpg
Food pantry feeding hungry students. (WPEC)

College students who may not be sure where their next meal is coming from are getting some much needed help.

Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth has just expanded its food pantry for students.

Panther’s Pantry has been around since 2015. But it’s been moved to a larger room on campus, with a larger selection of food that students can choose from.

All they have to do is show their student ID from Palm Beach State College, and they can get up to 10 pounds of food a week. Some college students say money is sometimes tight and making ends meet can be tough.

“I started coming to this college spring of 2017. I was homeless. I needed this place and it’s helped me out of many, many struggles,” said Virianna Gallardo, Palm Beach State College sophomore.

College students can get everything from canned vegetables to peanut butter to breakfast cereal at no charge. They can also get toiletry items for free, such as toothpaste, soap and deodorant.

The school received a $45,000 donation from Bank of America, that helped pay for the costs of expanding the food pantry.