FWC: Man tries to hotwire boat, steal it

Austin Goodman is accused of trying to steal a boat from MacArthur Beach State Park. (PBSO)

A man from Tennessee tried to steal a boat from MacArthur Beach State Park by hot-wiring it.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrested 28-year-old Austin Goodman Thursday on charges of theft, burglary and trespassing.

A park manager told FWC officers he confronted Goodman on a dock as the suspect tried to untie a boat from the dock. The manager told Goodman he couldn't take the boat. According to the report, Goodman said he planned to hotwire the $30,000 boat and take it anyway.

Goodman said he planned to meet a person named "Charlene" at the dock. He admitted to crawling under a gate and hopping another to get inside. "I probably broke a few laws to get in here," Goodman told the dock manager, who noticed a cut on Goodman's hand.

Goodman was released after appeared in court Friday morning. He's due back in court next month, according to court records.