Parkland parents react to Sheriff Scott Israel's suspension

Gov. DeSantis issues order to suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. CBS12's Maxine Bentzel reports. (WPEC)

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an order Friday to suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel for his department's handling of the mass school shooting on Valentine's Day last year.

Families of almost all of the Parkland victims were there as DeSantis made the announcement and many said this is a day they have been waiting for.

Ever since the Valentine’s Day massacre, Israel has been criticized for his agency’s response.

Many have called for him to step down, but he has refused all along, even when his own deputies voted “no confidence” in him.

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter, Jaime, said she might still be here if the deputies had done their jobs right.

“On February 14th, my daughter died on the third floor of MSD running down the hallway from an active shooter," he said. "One more second and she makes it into the stairwell. She needed one more second. If anybody wants to know what failure means and lack of response, my daughter would’ve lived if somebody could’ve just given her one more second."

Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter, Meadow, said he is happy the Governor kept his promise of holding Israel responsible.

“Our community and our kids will be much safer now that Sheriff Israel is out of office,” he said.

Many of the parents expressed their full confidence and support in the new sheriff, Gregory Tony.