Heartwarming reunion: Boy thanks Delray Beach doctor for saving his life

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Heartwarming reunion: Boy thanks Delray Beach doctor for saving his life (WPEC)

Fast action from a neurosurgeon at Delray Medical Center saved a boy from a potentially fatal brain injury.

The pair reunited for the first time and CBS12 News was there for the heartwarming reunion.

Nathan Svorinich was among those who attended a Trauma Awareness Day event at the hospital Wednesday afternoon. Survivors thanked doctors, nurses and other staff who helped them with their recovery.

The 11-year-old fell out of a moving golf cart and hit his head on April 17. The injury had caused bleeding in his brainbor, according to Dr. David Sachs, epidural hematoma.

Sachs didn’t take a chance; he knew without brain surgery, Svorinich wouldn’t be here.

“I’m glad he was here to save my life,” Svorinich said.

Svorinich’s mother, Amy, who is also a nurse, agreed.

“We’re just an advocate that any head injury is never too small," she said. "Always have it checked out and he was trauma to Delray for emergency brain surgery, which saved his life."

Svorinich’s scar carved across his scalp is a reminder that he is a survivor.

Now the 11-year-old is ready to live his normal life again.

Sachs said it’s a miracle Svorinich is alive, and it’s a lesson that head trauma is nothing to be taken lightly.

“Before I get on something, I think twice before I do it,” Svorinich said.

Sachs thanked the boy for the privilege of taking care of him.

“As trauma surgeons, what we live for, is to have a chance to help wonderful people like you,” he said.

Sachs said if you hit your head, you typically do not see symptoms right away. It is important to get it checked, even if it’s a tiny bump.