High bacteria levels in Dubois Park prompt no swim advisory from health officials

no swim sign dubois park.JPG
High bacteria levels in Dubois Park prompt no swim advisory from health officials (WPEC)

Right now bacteria levels at the lagoon in Dubois Park are unusually high.

In fact, they're about 45 times greater than normal.

The Florida Department of Health is warning swimmers to stay out of water.

Health officials say all that rain from the past few days is sending storm water runoff into the lagoon and loading it with fecal bacteria.

Three-year-old Ryder loves visiting Dubois Park with his grandfather Tony Steves.

“We try and come twice a week gives him something to do,” Steves said.

Their go-to spot is the lagoon.

“It’s shallow," Steves said. "There is is not as much deep for him to get into because he doesn't swim yet."

They planned to hang out at the lagoon Wednesday until CBS12 warned them about the poor water quality.

“We just learn to move around it dance around it,” Steves said.

“What we want them to do is prevent them from getting sick,” said Tim O’Connor, spokesperson with the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County.

O’Connor said they test the water every other week at Dubois Park and 14 other county parks.

“We test for enterococci which has its origins from the feces of warm blooded animals,” he said.

A good water sample averages around 20 colonies of bacteria. Right now, the Dubois lagoon is at a whopping 910.

“There is a lot of wildlife in that area," O'Connor said. "A lot of raccoons and possums and things like that, that use the lagoon."

Lake Worth Beach is also under a warning. They are seeing poor water quality levels too.

With more rainfall in the forecast, it’s unknown how long before it’s safe for children to go swimming at the two locations.