'It’s better to help people:' Community helps Fort Pierce apartment complex evacuate

Sabal apartments 2.JPG

Hundreds of people in Fort Pierce were forced to evacuate from their homes Wednesday.

The Sabal Chase Apartments in Fort Pierce were flooded during Hurricane Irma, leaving many homeless.

The people who live on the first floor of the apartment buildings have to be out by Thursday morning because those apartments were condemned and deemed unsafe.

Those living on the second floor have two weeks to evacuate.

“The water came in, like it came in through the wall, like literally through the wall,” resident Alycia Deal said.

Deal lives on the third floor of an apartment building with her dad and her older sister, Nichet.

Their father said he will figure out what to do later once they see how the mold situation is and how the structure holds up with all the damage.

They don’t have to evacuate just yet, so they’re helping others who do.

“This is our community," Nichet said. "We live here. We all live here.”

Others lending a helping hand are coming from churches throughout the area.

“We’re coming together, helping out," said volunteer Orgen Martinez. "Helping out however we can. Providing our trucks and manpower really just to help these people get out of here."

Sabrina Nichols also decided to volunteer after her mother decided to pitch in.

“I didn't think it would be this bad but it was,” she said. “It's better to help people than sit there and not do anything.”

Nichols' sister, Courtney, decided to join her sister.

"She asked if my sister wanted to and I said, 'Why can't I do it,'" Courtney Nichols said. "It was hard getting here with the water. I was just thinking like, 'All these people with kids and stuff, where they gonna go?'”

The people who live at the complex said the owners told them they were going to give each resident half of their September rent back, their security deposit and $500.

However, they have yet to receive the money.

The Sabal Chase Apartment owners couldn't be reached for comment.