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Jeffrey Epstein records listing possible sex ring accomplices to remain sealed

Palm Beach County's Chief Circuit Judge on Tuesday denied a motion to unseal testimony in the original Jeffrey Epstein grand jury presentation in 2006.{ } (WPEC)

A judge ruled Tuesday that Jeffrey Epstein documents in the New York court case will stayed sealed— at least for now.

The documents could contain a list of names of wealthy and powerful people who may have helped him commit his crimes. They're part of a civil defamation case between one of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Robert Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell, an alleged madam and Epstein's ex-girlfriend.

But the ruling states that since Maxwell and Giuffre have "long since settled" the case, there's no real reason to release the records, at least in regards to the defamation case.

However, the judge recognizes how much attention the Epstein case has gotten.

"The Court is mindful of the fact that there is a great deal of public intrigue surrounding the unsealing of the documents at issue here," the judge wrote in the ruling.

But the judge said the records could be unsealed if attorneys can prove that the sealed records in the defamation case are relevant to the ones that have already been unsealed.

Giuffre has supported the release of the sealed records, while Maxwell's legal team has fought against it.

In the meantime, a defense attorney wants a federal judge to hold a hearing to determine whether the federal government intentionally deleted video near Epstein's cell from the day he survived an apparent suicide attempt.