Joe Namath supports NFL players in national anthem protests

Super Bowl III MVP Joe Namath talks to CBS12 anchor Liz Quirantes about the national anthem controversy. (WPEC)

Pro football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath says he is in support of the players who are protesting during the national anthem but wouldn't take a knee.

Namath, who became Super Bowl MVP after leading the underdog New York Jets to a Super Bowl III win against the Baltimore Colts in 1969, spoke Wednesday to CBS12 anchor Liz Quirantes about the controversy.

The NFL and players, according to the Washington Post, are in talks to come up with a plan about future national anthem protests.

"Broadway Joe" said he supports the players protesting and why they're doing it, but would stand during the playing of the national anthem.

"If it was before the national anthem, I'll take a knee with my teammates, just out of respect for what they're doing and what they believe in," said Namath. "I would certainly get up when we're ready to do that national anthem an honor that flag, yes I would stand."

Namath said he finally learned to sing the words, which gave the song more meaning to him. He acknowledged the resistance early on but called it a misunderstanding.

"The way it started out, and the way some of the process has taken place it irritated a lot of folks who didn't really understand it or buy it," Namath said. "So yeah, I'll stand. I'll honor it. I love this country."