Judge rules release of Stoneman Douglas surveillance tape

Judge rules release of Stoneman Douglas surveillance tape (WPEC)

Thursday could be the day.

Despite everything that's been seen and heard from the afternoon when 17 lives were cut tragically short at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, footage from security cameras have yet to be released.

But a judge's Monday order says those tapes should be released Thursday.

"The parents in this community are outraged and we want answers and we deserve them," said Randi Schwam, a mother from Parkland.

Schwam was at orientation the night before the shooting because her oldest daughter will soon be a freshman at Douglas.

She hopes the tapes will answer how Nicholas Cruz got inside the school and what did officers do when they arrived.

"The school resource officer didn't go in, BSO didn't go in," Schwam said.

State prosecutors and the Broward School District have been working to keep the tapes out of the public eye. They argue it will jeopardize investigations, show possible weaknesses in school security and upset grieving families.

But Spensyr Ann Krebsbach, a media law expert and attorney from the Lomnitzer Law Firm, says those arguments aren't legally strong enough to justify withholding the tapes.

A bill in Tallahassee passed with unanimous support on the House side to suppress the tapes, but it did not get through the Senate.

Randi Schwam says the shock and hurt are still sharp from the shooting, but she wants the facts regardless.

"And how else are we going to know?" Schwam asked.

If any of the opposing parties want to try to appeal the judges decision they can file in a higher court, their deadline is Thursday at noon.