Letter writers urge leniency for host of deadly Super Bowl party

Letter writers urge leniency for host of deadly Super Bowl party, Charles Vorpagel .

Family and friends have put in a good word for the Jupiter man who hosted a deadly Super Bowl Party.

Charles Vorpagel faces sentencing Friday in federal court in West Palm Beach, on unrelated drug and weapons charges.

“Charlie has always been a protector and someone’s hero,” wrote Gail James, Vorpagel’s mother, asking the judge for leniency for her son. James’ letter was one of four submitted to the court on Vorpagel’s behalf.

Vorpagel rented the home where three young people were murdered on Super Bowl Sunday a year ago.

Vorpagel is not charged with the killings. But during the investigation, police say in Vorpagel’s house, they found a stash of multiple varieties of drugs and guns.

Federal agents say Vorpagel sold the drugs and weapons right out of the house.

This past fall, Vorpagel pled guilty to possessing a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking, and felon in possession of a firearm.

Vorpagel is looking at a minimum of five years in prison, up to life, on the drug trafficking count.

Ms. James, Vorpagel’s mother, told the judge how her son volunteered and “always stuck up for the kids who he knew needed it.” She said, “My son is not a bad person, he just made some poor life decisions.”

One of Vorpagel’s teachers, Sharon Krall, revealed in her letter, “School was never easy for Charlie. He has ADHD.”

Krall said Charlie’s home situation was not ideal, and he left high school after his sophomore year. The teacher recalled the time Charlie put hurricane shutters for her.

Rob Kozell, the brother of one of the triple murder victims, Sean Henry, wrote the judge, “Charlie has been suffering. I know that he holds himself responsible for the death of three beautiful people.”

A couple of the letter writers said they believe God spared Vorpagel’s life for a reason.