Local boy losing vision, continues to play the guitar

Local boy losing vision, continues to play the guitar (WPEC)

A young boy from Lake Worth is losing his vision due to an eye disorder.

But he won't let his poor eyesight stop him from following what's in his heart.

Miles Hoyt held a guitar at two-years-old and he hasn't stopped playing ever since.

Even after learning he would forever be visually impaired.

As soon as you hear him play, you just know he has a gift.

Miles is an 8-year-old boy with an old soul.

Miles was adopted into a musical family. His dad plays the bass and his mother sings.

“He has always had it in him. Always had this very natural style and flare,” said Renee Hoyt.

Mile's mother Renee said their lives changed two years ago when Miles was diagnosed with an eye disorder called Stargardt.

“Because of the type of vision impairment he has, he won’t be able to read music,” Renee said.

For Miles, it's all in the ears.

“He hears the original and then he goes and plays it himself,” Renee said.

Miles said playing the guitar is therapeutic.

“It makes me feel better about myself,” he said.

“When you have a son with a disability, I think your biggest fear is that something is going to knock him down,” Renee said.

No matter how poor his vision gets, he will continue doing what he loves.

“I am not going to stop myself. Nobody else is going to stop me. My eyes are not going to stop me,” Miles said.

Because of Miles' disorder, the Hoyt family is constantly raising money for a national organization called Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Now if you want to see Miles play, he is playing next weekend in Lake Worth at the Artoberfest Block Party.