Local boy with weeks to live spends the day with his heroes

Local boy with weeks to live spends the day with his heroes{ }

A 5-year-old boy with only weeks left to live had his final wish granted by dozens of local law enforcement officers Wednesday.

Giovanni Bacon has a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called Anaplastic ependymoma. His mother, Veronica Koors, says the prognosis is bleak; doctors told her he could have only weeks left to live.

“I just found out that the tumors in his brain have multiplied and spread to his spine,” Koors said. “Things are going downhill, so as his mother, I decided to stop the treatment on Oct. 1 because things haven’t gotten better at all. If anything, they’ve gotten worse."

Now, some local community members are making sure that Gio’s final days are filled with happy memories.

Thanks to the Chasin a Dream Foundation and Fortified Investigation Services, Gio had a fun filled day on the water with law enforcement officers from dozens of local agencies.

Koors says that police officers who visit Gio in the hospital always bring a smile to his face and it meant the world to him to put on a badge of his own.

“Today was a fantastic day, and I know that Giovanni has a great day with Spiderman and on the boat,” she said. ”It was a memorable day definitely.”

To help Gios family with medical bills and other expenses, you can donate to the Chasin a Dream Foundation by clicking here.