Local educator who visited Notre Dame stunned by fire

NOTRE DAME TRIP (Tina Gerencser).PNG
Local educator who visited Notre Dame stunned by fire (WPEC)

People around the world are shocked to see the fire that heavily damaged the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

That includes a local school official.

For Theresa Fretterd, Assistant Principal for Academics at Cardinal Newman High School, Notre Dame is a special place.

She’s been there and seen it in person.

Fretterd was a chaperone on a school trip several years ago when students from several French classes at Cardinal Newman High went to Paris and visited Notre Dame and the Louvre.

She says it’s devastating to see this historic building which has such significance to be heavily damaged by fire.

“It’s unbelievable when I first heard it," Fretterd said. "It almost reminded me a little bit of 9/11 because the citizens are there in total shock, they’re just looking at their national treasure going down."

Fretterd describes Notre Dame as “awe-inspiring” and she says there was a feeling of holiness being there.

She says people are resilient and she believes Catholics will want to rebuild it and restore it.