Local foster families treated to special night at Martin County Fair

foster families 2.PNG
Foster Mother Marilyn Southwick prepares a plate for one of her children.{ }(Communities Connected for Kids)

Some local foster families were treated to a special dinner at the Martin County Fair on Thursday.

The Martin County Fair Association and Wallace Automotive came together to provide a special foster family night that included free fair entry and dinner under a reserved tent, according to a press release from Communities Connected for Kids. About 85 caregivers and their kids were in attendance.

“This kind of community support is so important to our local foster families because it helps us feel appreciated, seen and valued,” said Ericah Brinson, foster mother and president of the Martin County Foster Parent Association. “It gives us a chance to take our families to enjoy time together, doing normal family things that we might not always be able to afford.”

Jay Spicer, the fair manager, says fairs make people feel connected to the community and offers opportunities for residents.

Special activities also help to raise awareness, according to Christina Kaiser, Community Relations Director for Communities Connected for Kids, the nonprofit organization that oversees the foster-care system in Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie counties.

“We need more foster families in Martin County, and events like this give us a platform to talk about it," she said.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, click here or call 772-873-7800 and ask for Jerra Wisecup.