Local hospitals treating hundreds of patients following Hurricane Irma


Doctors and nurses are working around the clock as they treat hundreds of patients seeking medical help after Hurricane Irma.

As people start the cleanup process, sawing trees and taking down shutters, hospitals are seeing a spike in patients.

“We have had our busiest days at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, (more) than we have ever seen,” emergency physician Doctor Jaime Snarski said.

Snarski has spent most of the last five days going patient to patient.

“I have not been scheduled to work this week, but I have been here every day to help out because it’s been extremely busy and we want to get everyone taken care of,” he said.

The biggest challenge for Snarski so far was losing power.

“We’ve had multiple power surges, especially yesterday" he said. "We were still without power most of the day in the emergency department, so it was very hot, no AC and limited resources with computers."

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center is now seeing similar injuries they saw before Hurricane Irma hit.

“A lot of fall injuries from ladders or step stools," Snarski said. "Also, lots of lacerations getting their fingers pinched in tools or hurricane shutters. Lots of lacerations, broken bones and fallen injuries."

Hospitals across Palm Beach County have also been inundated with people suffering from heat exhaustion.

Snarski urges those still without power to drink lots of fluids.