Long lines at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Long lines at Build-a-Bear across the country and in Florida. (Avenues Mall, photo courtesy M. Detman)

There are long lines at Build-a-Bear Workshop in Florida because of a special promotion.

It's a “Pay Your Age” promotion. Customers are asked how old they are, and only pay that amount for a furry friend.

According to the Gardens Mall information desk, they have not had any closures yet, but there is still a large line.

The Mall at Wellington Green says it is still open, but will be closing their line down at 5 p.m. because of a four-hour wait.

Some stores across the nation have had to close. The company explained why in a statement on its website:

Per local authorities, we cannot accept additional Guests at our U.S. Build-A-Bear Workshop locations due to crowd and safety concerns. We have closed lines in our U.S. stores. We understand some of our Guests are disappointed and we will reach out directly as soon as possible.

Build-a-Bear Workshop tweeted late Thursday afternoon that they will be offering a voucher for Bonus Club members who were turned away because of the large lines.