Man hid camera in smoke detector, pleads guilty to video voyeurism

Wayne Khoma web.jpg
Wayne Khoma pleaded guilty to seven counts of video voyeurism. (PBSO|Boynton Beach Police)

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) - A man who pleaded guilty to video voyeurism is off to jail for a year.

Boynton Beach Police said 67-year-old Wayne Khoma put a hidden camera in a room that he only rented out to women.

The investigation began last December when a woman gave Khoma a digital picture frame as a present before she moved out. Khoma asked the woman to upload some photos to the digital frame. After he gave her a USB stick, she put it in the digital frame and up popped a bunch of photos and videos of a woman topless, in a bath towel, lying nude in bed and various states of undress.

Police ultimately identified the woman in the photo. She told police she was "shocked' and felt victimized by the "invasion of privacy."

Khoma, during questioning, said he installed the hidden camera in the smoke detector when he started renting the room at 4 Kerry Place in Boynton Beach some 10 years ago. According to investigators, Khoma told police he "wanted to watch" and admitted to "voyeurism." He claimed he only recorded one woman, calling her "beautiful."

A total of seven women stayed in the room during those years, according to receipts provided by Khoma to police.

Khoma pleaded guilty to seven counts of video voyeurism. He'll be on probation for three years after he's out of jail. Court documents show he must undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation, perform 100 hours of community service, and have no contact with the victim. He cannot have any video recording device or cameras other than a mobile phone, and cannot rent out any portion of his home or property to females unless he discloses he's been convicted of video voyeurism.