Man in Venus Williams crash died of blunt trauma: Medical Examiner

New body camera footage released in Venus Williams crash investigation. (Palm Beach Gardens Police)

The autopsy report shows the man who died weeks after a crash with tennis superstar Venus Williams suffered complications of blunt traumatic injuries as a result of the collision.

The crash happened on June 9 as Williams left her neighborhood.

Video from a surveillance camera showed her Toyota Sequoia crossing Northlake Boulevard on a green light. Her attorney claimed she suddenly had to stop to avoid colliding with another car that had turned left in front of her.

Once the car passed, Williams continued her move through the intersection when a car crashed into hers. Police, weeks after the crash, said Williams "lawfully entered the intersection."

The car, a 2016 Hyundai Accent, was being driven by Jerome Barson's wife. Their attorneys claim they had the green light at the time of the crash and Williams was driving too fast.

The attorney for Williams claimed she was only going 5 miles per hour.

Barson, 78, died nearly two weeks later.

The medical examiner said Barson arrived at the hospital with "splenic and mesenteric lacerations and multiple pelvic, thoracic and sacral fractures." Barson had a 20 x 12 inch patch of dark-red discoloration on his chest, side and back, and a contusion to his leg.

Barson suffered multi-organ failure and remained in intensive care until his death on June 22, District Medical Examiner Michael D. Bell wrote.

The Barsons have since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams.