Man proposes to trauma nurse that saved his life at St. Mary's Medical Center

Man proposes to trauma nurse that saved his life at St. Mary's Medical Center (Daily Mail TV)

You might remember the story from a few years ago about a paraglider from Jupiter who was forced to jump 150 feet to the ground after his lines got tangled.

Turns out Damien LeRoy has fallen again, this time for the woman who he says helped him recover from his injuries.

Spinning out of control, paraglider Damian LeRoy had few choices as the winds carried him up and away.

"It just happened like that. And so my reactions were I had to," he said. "No question I was either going to go down in the water because there was no way to get out of my lines had spun."

Or he would have to do the unthinkable.

LeRoy nearly died in the fall. Suffering a broken back, ribs, and pelvis, he would spend weeks recovering at St Mary's Medical. During that painful time, LeRoy says he felt an instant connection with one of the people at his bedside: 29-year-old nurse, Alex Hoover.

After he was released from the hospital, the pair remained in contact and started dating almost a year after.

Once LeRoy knew he wanted to take the next step, there was only one place to do it.

After getting dressed up in his car, LeRoy was ready for the big surprise.

When Hoover walked in, she thought she was seeing a new patient.

"What the?" she said.

Surprised and confused, it was soon obvious what was about to happen.

"You the life for me and ah, I love dearly and I want to ask you Alexander for your hand," LeRoy said.

Laughter. Yes.

And after literally falling head over heels, the couple now has nothing but smiles.

And LeRoy is a busy man; not only is he tying the knot, but he travels the globe making amazing sports videos and motivational speeches.