Martin County deputies now have active shooter gear

MCSO vest.jpg
Martin County deputies now have active shooter gear(WPEC)

"I don’t see mass shootings toning down in this country. I don’t see any reason to believe that we are on the verge to solving this problem," said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

That's why he is doing everything he can to protect his deputies. They just got more than 200 steel plate vests for all of their deputies, specifically for active shooter calls.

"It can withstand quite the rifle shot," said Sheriff Snyder. That's something the deputies' daily soft body armor, kevlar vests, can't handle.

"It protects our vital organs like the heart and lungs," said Deputy J. Seiglar with the Martin County Sheriff's Office. They slip this new 18 lb. vest over their daily uniform, which weighs anywhere from 15-20 lbs.

The deputies prefer the extra protection and don't mind the extra weight. Sheriff Snyder said this is one small thing that could save a deputies life and it's well worth the price. Each vest cost over $300, paid for byMartin County taxpayers.

"I pray for the men and women who work here daily and I worry for their safety," said Sheriff Snyder.

The Sheriff's Office handed most of these vests to deputies on Wednesday, the same day as the California shooting where a dozen people where killed, including a sergeant.

"He undoubtedly saved peoples lives which is why we do what we do," said Sheriff Snyder. He added, "we’ll find out the motives and such later but for now we covered our badges here in Martin County as a sign of solidarity, it's the least we can do."