Martin County student gives back to high school

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Martin County student gives back to high school (WPEC)

A special student giving back in a special way.

A Martin County High School student spent his entire summer collecting money and school supplies for teachers and students who need a little help.

Christian Molina, a junior at Martin County High School, gave each teacher a bag of new supplies to kick off their school year.

"They do a lot for our students and they also work very hard. I just wanted to give back to them," said Christian.

Not only did he give a gift to teachers, he filled several backpacks with school supplies for students who can't afford it themselves.

"Without Christian, they wouldn’t have supplies to start the school year," said Matt Theobald, a social studies teacher at MCHS.

Christian spent his summer doing this for his Eagle Scout project. To become an Eagle Scout, he needs to complete a project.

Christian's mom, Mary, said most people build something, but Christian wanted to help his high school.

"He chose to focus on his teachers and his community and that means a lot to me personally and the teachers," said Theobald.

Christian raised more than $1,000 and got various donations to make this possible, all by posting a video on Facebook.

"I had no summer break," said Christian. He continued, "I was working every day pretty much."

Christian said he wouldn't have been able to do this without help from his mom and his brother. "Because they’re my designated drivers," Christian said as he laughed.

Something they were happy to help with and are proud of Christian for doing.

"He's working really hard, going out of his comfort zone and I’m just really proud of him," said Danny, Christian's older brother.

And the teachers, grateful.

"It’s one less thing I have to worry about on top of being new," said Danica Rybicki, the new Spanish teacher at MCHS. "I can’t imagine the amount time it took," she continued.

"It's great to see students putting others first," she added.

For Christian, now he just can't wait to be an Eagle Scout.