Military-grade vehicle ready for flooding rescues in Hobe Sound

Military-grade vehicle ready for flooding rescues in Hobe Sound (CBS12)

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is standing ready to deploy a military-grade vehicle this weekend if people find themselves stranded in floodwaters as a result of Hurricane Isaias.

A tall dark-green hummer-style vehicle is being staged at the intersection of Osprey Street and Federal Highway, not too far from the Hobe Heights neighborhood which is prone to flooding during major rain events.

"High-water rescue vehicles can withstand high winds better than any other vehicles we have," said Major John Budensiek. "They can also handle up to 5-feet of water. "

The repurposed military vehicle sits more than 5-feet off the ground, ideal for navigating floodwaters at the time of a storm.

The sheriff’s office has three of these heavy-duty rescue vehicles throughout Martin County. They will be driven by specialty-trained deputies who will aid in assisting people whose homes have taken on water.

CBS12 News saw the vehicle in action, last month, when Hobe Heights residents were rescued from flooded cars during record rainfall in June.

The entire east coast of Florida is bracing for potential impacts: anything from strong winds to flooding rains and storm surge.

Isaias is expected to remain a hurricane through Monday.