Missing dog turns up in South Florida 6 years after it was stolen

Missing dog turns up in South Florida 6 years after it was stolen (WPLG/CNN Newsource)

A family in Texas is rejoicing after being reunited with their beloved pet after six years.

The family says their dog was stolen from their yard back in 2014, then turned up this week more than 1,000 miles away.

"We legit thought he was like, gone," Danae Vasquez said.

For six years, a photo of King the Chihuahua circulated social media. His San Antonio family reporting him missing from their front yard.

"I posted everywhere I could, all the animal shelters in San Antonio and surrounding areas," Debi Vazquez said.

Debi Vasquez and her daughter, Danae, say they always wondered if he was OK or even alive.

"What has he been through? How abused was he, if he was," Debi Vasquez said.

Fast forward several years of heartbreak to this past Sunday and a FaceTime call from the Humane Society of Broward County, where King, now 15 years old, was surrendered.

Luckily, he'd been microchipped.

"There were no flights coming out," Debi Vasquez said.

So they drove 19 hours from San Antonio, Texas to Fort Lauderdale for this reunion.

"He looks very sad, very skinny but so happy to have him back in our family where he belongs," Debi Vasquez said.

The Vasquez family says they plan to give the 15-year-old chihuahua a life fit for a king.