'My heart goes out to them:' Tragic fire at local farm kills three horses

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"My heart goes out to them:" Tragic fire at local farm kills three horses (WPEC)

Tragedy at a local farm.

Flames ripped through a barn killing three horses.

The deadly fire broke out at Serenity Farm Show Stables in Wellington.

Since it’s impossible to see the destruction from outside the gated community, our Sky Team 12 drone captured the devastation on the property.

At least 21 horses were in their stalls when a fire erupted somewhere inside the barn.

Exclusive video shot by a CBS12 photojournalist shows people removing the horses they saved from the burning barn.

Eighteen made it out alive. Three did not.

“That’s probably everyone’s worst nightmare to get a phone call in the middle of the night to say your barn is on fire and you can’t really do anything,” said Becky Moyher.

Moyher, who rides horses for a living, said her heart aches for the owner of Serenity Farm, Cindy Cruciotti, and everyone else affected by the deadly fire.

“I don’t know the extent of the other horses’ injuries or the depth of really the whole situation, but my heart goes out to them,” said Moyher.

Moyher said the family is well-known in the local tight-knit equestrian community.

The horses and riders often participate in the Winter Equestrian Festival.

“I know the rider there Kelli Cruciotti. She is a very good rider. The family is super nice. They have very nice horses and as far as I know they are just a great team to be around,” Moyher said.

Stacy Falco, who bought two horses from Serenity Farm, said the community is doing everything possible to help get them through this difficult time.

“I know everyone is offering stalls for the horses anything, equipment, anything that we can dig up for them so that they can get there so they can kind of regroup and carry on as best as they can,” said Falco.

The fire also sent two deputies and a firefighter to the hospital.

They are expected to be just fine.

As of Thursday night, still no word on what caused the fire.

A GoFundMe account has already been created to help those impacted by the fire.