Nearly 50 people arrested in major drug bust in Martin County

Martin county drug bust.jpg
Nearly 50 people arrested in major drug bust (MCSO)

They look like candy, but they can be killers.

Many dangerous drugs are now off our streets after a two-day bust that lead to to nearly 50 arrests.

Some of the drugs were very new, which scared many seasoned investigators.

"This is Molly, these are 'shrooms," said Sgt. Josh Kloster of the Martin County Sheriff's Office,

Investigators say these party drugs are making their way through Martin County, some looking like candy.

Kloster said Molly, a form of ecstasy, always looks different.

"This is new to us too. We’re not use to this gummies," he said. "Never seen this color before."

Unlike prescription pills -- which they also recovered -- he said this drug and the the gummies are typically made in a drug house.

"Always a chance they're mixing it with something they're not supposed to, possibly a deadly ingredient," he said. "No quality control, varies day by day. be okay one time, fatal the next."

In two days, they made 49 arrests and seized eight different types of drugs, including 70 doses of acid.

"It could affect 70 different people... you have 70 different chances for someone to have a bad trip or a overdose, so just was kind of a big deal to us because we took 70 possible bad worst case scenarios with that," said Sgt. Kloster.

He added these drugs are always out there - but it’s rare they see them.

"I think it's more of an eye opener that stuff like this is going on," he said.

This drug operation was a strategic plan by the sheriff’s office.

They decided to do this the same weekend as the Okeechobee Music Festival, knowing there would be more drugs flowing through the area.