New Bahamian evacuees arrive in Florida by private plane

Bahamian evacuaees{ }Shenique Francis-Cunningham and her three children.

Evacuees are still arriving in Palm Beach County from the Bahamas every day.

Some by boat, others by plane, but all thanks to the generosity of others.

Stepping off a plane in West Palm Beach, these Bahamian evacuees are carrying everything they own in suitcases.

Shenique Francis-Cunningham and her three children are straight out of the Abacos Islands.

"There’s no schools, there’s no banks, no hospitals, everybody’s home either roof off for the whole house is gone," Francis-Cunningham said.

She never expected Hurricane Dorian to change and her children's world the way it has.

"I thought it would just be you know like a tropical storm or something like that," Francis-Cunningham said. "But when I came outside everything was gone. Everybody’s houses were like collapsing and when we went outside, the water was waist-high."

Francis-Cunningham said the when Hurricane Dorian was upon them, it was scary.

However, she and her children did survive.

Many others were not as fortunate.

And now she and her children have a second chance thanks to the Mastroianni Family Foundation.

They sent the plane that rescued them Wednesday.

"We’re just continuing the process of evacuating people, getting supplies where they have to get to, and getting medical supplies and medical attention where it needs to get to, and just keep doing the good thing for the good cause," Anthony Mastroianni said.

The Mastroianni family also arranged for a limousine to take Francis-Cunningham and her children to the Wyndham hotel, where they will stay for as long as they need.

"Words can’t express how happy I am not right now," Francis-Cunningham said.

With the worst behind them, she said she is just taking it one day at a time and looking forward to rebuilding their lives.

A spokesperson for the Mastroianni Family Foundation said so far, they have rescued 406 people and they will keep at it as long as there's a need for their help.