North Palm Beach church says they will house 'Dreamers' facing deportation

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North Palm Beach church says they will house 'Dreamers' facing deportation. (WPEC)

A church in North Palm Beach is ready to house DACA immigrants if they face deportation in April.

The thousands of ‘Dreamers’ are in limbo as they wait to see if Congress will step in now that President Trump has ended the program.

The Congregation at First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches made the decision to help ‘Dreamers’ last January.

Now they face a new decision to make as President Trump announced the end of the Temporary Protective Status in November.

Reverend Dr. Dan Lambert says the decision was made from a strictly moral standpoint.

“All humans have worth and dignity. That is our most important value,” says Lambert.

His congregation has offered a safe haven to ‘Dreamers’ in the event that they are forced to leave the country in April.

President Donald Trump wants the program to end but Congress could change their fate.

Reverend Dan’s congregation made the decision to become a sanctuary church last January.

“They’ve been socially incorporated into our American fabric,” says Lambert.

He believes dreamers are inherently American.

Lambert says “We believe we have a moral obligation to say you are people.”

If 'Dreamers' are forced to leave the country in April, the church will protect them from authorities, by keeping them on church property.

Historically, this hasn’t been a problem. Law Enforcement typically doesn’t go inside a church to arrest or serve warrants.

But Lambert says if they are given an ultimatum, they aren’t worried about the consequences.

He says, “We understand that there is some risk involved with this and we’re willing to take that risk.”