Over 200 million eggs recalled due to possible bacterial contamination

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Over 200 million eggs recalled due to possible bacterial contamination (WPEC)

Check your fridge.

More than 200 million eggs in at least nine states have been recalled due to possible bacterial contamination.

In Jane Ferris’s home, you will always find a carton of eggs.

“My children, even though they are adults, they love their eggs," she said.

Ferris said a few days after purchasing an 18 pack of Great Value eggs from the Walmart in Lake Worth on Military Trail, she learned the eggs were recalled.

“I was sitting watching my shows and I go on my Twitter and see your Twitter feed saying there is a recall on eggs,” she said.

The Food and Drug Administration reports more than 206 million eggs distributed in restaurants and grocery stores are possibly contaminated with a deadly illness called salmonella.

“It really gives the consumer the where do I buy this," Ferris said. "Where is it going to be the safest place for me to buy these items because we are the ones who do the grocery shopping."

The eggs from Rose Acre Farms were sold in Florida and eight other states. So far, 22 illnesses have been reported.

“Who knows how many more,” Ferris said.

So how do you know if your eggs are recalled?

First, check the barcode printed on the side of the carton. Then visit the FDA website and verify if the barcode is on the recall list. Also check the lot number posted on the top right corner of the carton.

Ferris said she’s since returned the eggs and got a refund.

“I don't have eggs in my refrigerator right now and I probably won’t for a while,” she said.