Palm Beach County issues extension on face covering requirement

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Palm Beach County extended mandate to wear facial coverings another 30 days. (WPEC)

The Palm Beach County Administrator extended the emergency order requiring face coverings for another 30 days.

The decision was made Friday after looking at the most current data on the COVID-19 spread in Palm Beach County and throughout the nation, county officials said. Face coverings must be worn while visiting or working in any business or establishment, in public places where social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines is not possible or not being practiced.

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Everyone using the county's Palm Tran transit services including fixed route, Palm Tran Connection, Go Glades, and any other transit service provided by Palm Tran, must wear face coverings at all times when entering riding, or exiting the bus or transit vehicle, unless a medical accommodation is arranged in advance by contacting Palm Tran at (561) 841-4287, county officials said. Everyone entering governmental buildings for conducting public business, visitation, contracting, maintenance, delivery, or any other activity requiring a presence in a governmental building must wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC at all times while present in the building.

Specific signage must be displayed in the business and is available online for both retail establishments and restaurants.

The Sheriff of Palm Beach County, other law enforcement agencies -- including municipal law enforcement agencies -- and any other personnel authorized by law, are authorized to enforce this order.