Parents demanding answers after former student enters school with gun

Princeley Jecrois_web.jpg
Princeley Jecrois (PBSO)

Parents of students at Boynton Beach Community High School want to know how a former student got on campus after school hours, carrying a gun and wearing a ski mask.

They are also wondering why never notified them.

The Palm Beach County School District still has not answered our questions on how this happened.

Instead they released a statement Friday afternoon, but parents we spoke to said that’s not enough.

“It shouldn’t happen before, after or during school hours,” Marsha Barnes said.

Barnes is having a hard time wrapping her mind around what happened at her daughter’s school.

“It’s scary to think that I drop my child of at school and this is what happens,” she said.

On Thursday, CBS12 News reported officers arrested 18-year-old Princeley Jecrois.

He’s accused of walking around campus after school hours wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun.

Officers said Jecrois pointed the gun at a student.

Parents we spoke with said it doesn’t make a difference at what time of the day the suspect was on campus.

“Just because the bell rings at 2:45 p.m. that doesn't mean the whole school is cleared there are still kids here. My daughter included,” Barnes said.

“ I would want an answer as to if you are still going to have kids on campus, then where is the security,” parent Ashley Bouchard said.

“Where is the police that is supposed to be out here keeping an eye on people coming in and out? They should be able to stop them and say yo who are you,” parent Carmen Diaz said.

On Friday afternoon, the Palm Beach County School District gave us this statement:

“The school dismissed at 2:50 p.m. This incident occurred nearly two hours after dismissal."
While there is security in place during the regular school day, including a school police officer on campus, a guard at the front gate and this is a single point of entry campus, the front gate is open after hours on some evenings for activities such as Adult Education Classes.”

Barnes said she isn’t satisfied with the district’s response.

“That’s not a good explanation. As I said, kids are still here until 5:30-6:00 p.m. so you would expect them to have some sort of security,” she said.

The district said the school failed to alert parents of the incident that happened back in December.

They haven’t said why that robo call was not sent.