Pig on the loose in Lake Worth captured by animal control

A baby pig running around Lake Worth has hundreds of locals talking on a community Facebook group. (Marcia Waltz-Barrera)

Animal control just captured a piglet that was on the loose in Lake Worth and had hundreds of locals talking on a community Facebook group.

"Did a couple of football moves, a little juking here and there and it went down to pass me in an alley way and I got it just right at the end of the net," described Animal Control Officer Chase Cook.

The pig has been running around Lake Worth for several weeks. Luke Schrolucke saw her in his yard and posted about it on Facebook.

"Next thing you know there's a bunch of posts and pictures and last night we were trying to decide on a name. And people said, just let him go, let it run around, it's the town pig," said Schrolucke.

People were posting where they spotted the pig and also reporting her movements to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and to the Sheiff's Office.

"We had citizen complaints about the pig being lose. I think the sheriff's department was out with a few deputies," said Cook.

She was caught Friday morning. No one has claimed her, so she's being help at Animal Control. If no one takes her, she'll be put up for adoption.